Trading systems

Trading Systems


I’ve blended ‘Smart Money’ concepts – ICT / Wyckoff / BTMM

I’ve taken the best parts of the 3 Smart Money concepts listed above and combined them into my “Smart Money” MT4 templates.

I’ve also combined these Smart Money Concepts with my own custom coded ‘scalper’ indicator, resulting in a totally unique scalping system that no one has ever seen before.

After years of fine tuning my MT4 templates I am now making them available to others.

Trader X

Smart Money Trading Systems

Daytrader edition
This smart money trading system is comprised of 'multiple timeframe' charts for each
instrument & includes 2 axis of Volume (Time & Price)

  • 51 Metatrader 4 Profiles
  • 21 Custom Indicators
  • 408 Individual charts

Its the very best MT4 template for all 'Smart Money' traders, highly tuned
and calibrated over many years

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Ultimate edition
This smart money trading system is based on the 'Daytrader edition' with the addition
of my 'scalper' charts for better trade entries

  • 92 Metatrader 4 Profiles
  • 26 Custom Indicators
  • 1693 Individual charts

This 'Ultimate edition' bundles 2 of my trading systems into one download -
the upgraded 'Daytrader' edition & the 'Scalper + DX' edition

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Scalping Systems

Precision Scalper
This scalping system allows you to take trade entries off the 1, 5 ,15 & 30 Second Charts

  • 28 Metatrader 4 Profiles
  • 5 Custom Indicators
  • 196 Individual charts

Its a rules based trading system that's all about refining order blocks down into
lower timeframe ‘fractal’ trade setups

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Scalper + DX
This scalping system allows you to trade Forex pairs with the assistance of the 2 currency
'index' charts that make up the pair (for 3x confirmation!)

  • 30 Metatrader 4 Profiles
  • 8 Custom Indicators
  • 712 Individual charts

This 'Scalper + DX' trading system combines multiple timeframes, currency index charts
and my proprietary ‘scalper’ indicator

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8 Pack - Smart Money Indicator Collection
Special Offer: Get the whole suite of 8 MT4 Smart Money indicators
Best Value!! 8 indicators for the price of 4 - Just $119