Precision Scalper

Precision Scalper


MT4 SECOND charts Scalping System – 1, 5 ,15 and 30 Second Charts. Nothing Else Like It…Anywhere!

This trading system is all about refining order blocks down into much lower timeframe ‘fractal’ trade setups

You know all those ‘random’ moves you see on the charts? They are not random! Price is always heading to a specific mitigation point, but if you don’t dig down into these ultra-low timeframe charts you will never realise that.

Grab scalper entries off the 5 and 15 second charts for massive R:R trades!

This is a rules based trading system. Trade entries should be executed as soon as the entry criteria are met, you should not hesitate or question the trade. This helps to remove the emotion and doubt from your trading. Insane R:R trades of 1:50 and higher are possible with this system. 

My ‘Precision Scalper ’ MT4 templates contains 2 major advantages that retail traders simply don’t utilise properly (or at all):

  • Multiple timeframes (on one screen)
  • Second based charts (1, 5, 15, 30 Seconds + 2, 3 Minute)

  • MANUAL, rules based trading system

  • Includes 28 “Smart Money” MT4 Profiles and 196 individually hand crafted MT4 charts

  • Multi time frame (1, 5, 15, 30 Seconds, plus 2 and 3 Minute charts – not usually found in Metatrader 4)

  • 5 Custom coded MT4 indicators

  • Utilizes ‘Smart Money’ concepts like market structure, order blocks, mitigation, market imbalances, fair value gaps, origin and propulsion blocks, etc

  • Contains 4 specific trade setups and 3 precise trade entries for each trade setup

  • 1 ‘Master Builder’ MT4 Profile, containing the ‘MTS_Symbol Changer’ indicator, allowing you to quickly and easily make your own ‘Precision Scalper profile’ (with all indicators automatically included and pre-set) for ANY instrument. Easy!!

  • User manual – 77 page PDF of comprehensive step by step Instructions with pics

  • Download links to the ‘Smart Money’ Course by one of my mentors, a fully comprehensive training program containing 26 hours of full HD 1080p video files. A VERY valuable education!

  • Works on all markets – Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto and Stocks

  • 100% Customer satisfaction – Buy with Confidence!

Precision Scalper trading system


Not familiar with “Smart Money” concepts? Want to learn?

All of my products come with 25+ hours of Smart Money video courses (in full HD) by some of my mentors, a VERY valuable education!

$129 – Purchase the Precision Scalper trading system via Paypal

Instant download after payment

Do you trade on only one timeframe? WHY? Price is Fractal!


This trading system is all about refining order blocks down into much lower timeframe ‘fractal’ trade setups

Understanding Market Structure is the most important thing in trading!

Are you trading without an understanding of market structure? If so then quite frankly you’re destined to remain on the hamster wheel, losing money month after month. But it isn’t your fault, we’ve all been there… as soon as we come in to this industry we’re given the same old information on utilizing trend-lines, bollinger bands, stochastics, etc.

I trade MARKET STRUCTURE. I don’t trade with all the usual indicators, and order blocks are just my entry points.


This scalping system utilizes:

Multi timeframe analysis – this is essential as price will always show clearer market structure on a particular timeframe, but unless you are looking at them all you won’t realise that.

5 and 15 minute timeframe ‘external ranges’ – we concentrate on these 5 and 15 minute chart external ranges to look for our trade setups as they are suitable for finding ‘scalp’ trades.

Refined order blocks – we start by highlighting the order blocks on the higher timeframes and then refine them down to a POI (Point of Interest) on the lower timeframes, giving us a much smaller area to concentrate on as well as a much smaller stop loss on trade entry.

Mitigation – we track the ‘story’ of price movement, following the trail of mitigated order blocks in a given range to find valid ‘unmitigated’ order blocks for possible trade setups.


Advantages to trading off the SECOND charts:

  • These trade setup patterns occur both quickly and frequently!
  • Multiple trade setups – we trade off M5 and M15 chart ‘Origin’ blocks, Unmitigated order blocks, Propulsion blocks and Breaker block reversals
  • Rule based trading system – trade entries on the second charts are actually very easy
  • I use a maximum 5 pip stop loss on any trade (usually much smaller)
  • If your trade entry is wrong you are usually taken out within seconds and it’s a very small loss (compared to the potential R:R) so you never have the stress of sitting through drawdown
  • Very large R:R trades are available frequently, and you typically know the reward factor available on the trade before you place it, because you know that ‘smart money’ will probably run for the liquidity pools located at the M5 or M15 external range ‘swing-points’



All retail traders are taught that the lower timeframes are just ‘noise’. It’s simply not true

Price is fractal! If you study a Monthly chart or a 5 second chart they behave exactly the same. You will see exactly the same market structure and candlestick patterns, the 5 second chart just moves a lot quicker.

Smart Money IS the reason for the delivery of price, there are NO random movements and I prove it with very small (1 pip) stop loss trade entries. Once you understand market structure and the way price moves on a FRACTAL basis, a new world of trading can open up to you and the pips can cascade in.

Trading with the trend or against it, it doesn’t matter! You can actually trade both ways by following the changes of direction on the footprints of smart money. You can scalp the market by simply utilizing the current market structure and valid order blocks.

The Risk to Reward ratios available on these trades are phenomenal (you do get some entries wrong, but the trades you do catch well and truly make up for the small losses). My win rate hovers around 67% which is not astonishingly high, but my average risk to reward on these trades works out to be 1:14 (and let’s face it, most retail traders are lucky to see 1:3 risk vs reward trades) so the losses are minimal regardless of being fairly frequent.


Most retail traders wouldn’t even dream of looking at the 5 or 15 second charts

I can catch trades at the very APEX of the price reversal on the second charts. I am getting in a trade WAY earlier than all retail traders. I’m in the trade before they have even thought about entering, in fact by the time the retail traders are entering the same trade, I have probably already made at least 1:10 R:R. This is what makes my Precision Scalping system totally unbeatable!


Trading off the ‘Second’ based charts is a very specific way to trade

I love it because I know pretty much straight away if I’m right or wrong, and if I’m right I move to break even very quickly and simply let the trade run. It’s fast, but that’s what I like about it. You can earn the same $$$ as winning a 1:25 trade on the daily chart, only you can do it in a FRACTION of the time.

As an example, if I caught a 10 pip winning trade off the 5 second chart with a 1 pip stop loss, that’s a 1:10 risk to reward. And if I risked 1% of my account on that trade, that’s also a 10% account gain! I take these types of trades every day, and sometimes the trade only takes a few minutes.

Compare that to taking a 1:10 risk/reward trade on say the 1 hour chart… and let’s assume a 10 pip stop loss on that H1 chart trade entry. A 10 pip stop loss means that to achieve a 1:10 risk/reward on the trade, price will have to move 100 pips in order for you to win the trade. So to achieve the same 10% account gain as I did on my 10 pip trade off the 5 second chart, you would have to achieve a 100 pip trade off your H1 chart trade entry.

Whilst this is definitely possible, ask yourself this – Which trade do you think is easier to win and would occur more often? A 10 pip move, or a 100 pip move? Remember, both trades made the SAME profit on your account…

So you see, it’s all about finding lower timeframe ‘FRACTAL’ setups when price hits a higher timeframe POI (Point Of Interest). This allows you to REFINE your trade entry on a much smaller timeframe, to effect a much higher risk:reward.


This scalping system is a rules based system

Insane R:R trades of 1:50 and higher are possible with this system. No, I’m not kidding! Imagine seeing a potential trade POI on the 15 minute chart and refining it down to a trade entry on the 5 second chart, giving you a 1 pip stop loss and a potential exit at the M15 external range for a take profit of 50 pips (1:50 R:R).

Huge profit margins from these types of tiny stop loss entries are available on the charts every day. A 2 pip stop loss is the average risk on trade entry, and hitting a R:R of 1:20 happens regularly because we are entering our trades off entry criteria on the 5 – 15 second charts.

28 Pre-built MT4 Profiles (Currency Pairs)

The ‘Precision Scalper ‘ edition contains 28 pre-built profiles of the most popular currency pairs

Custom Coded Indicators


The following custom coded MT4 indicators are included with the ‘Precision Scalper’

MTS_POI (Point Of Interest) Box and 50% Fib –  EVERY ‘smart money’ trader will want this indicator!

I had this indicator custom coded to add a highlight box to Order Blocks, then automatically add a 50% level line.

If you are a seasoned ‘smart money’ trader you are probably familiar with constantly adding a ‘box’ to an order block to highlight it…. then if you want to mark the 50% level of the order block you had to place the fibonacci tool over the box, then place a horizontal line at the Fibonacci 50% level and then delete the Fibonacci tool…


Well now all of this can be done AUTOMATICALLY by using the ‘MTS POI Box and 50% Fib’ indicator!

To place a new highlight box on an order block, simply click anywhere in the M1 chart, then press the ‘backslash’ key on the Numpad section of your keyboard:

The new box will appear on the M1 chart:


You can then move the box to the order block you wish to highlight and adjust its size to fit the order block:


The 50% fib line will automatically adjust to the 50% level of the box and the order block, and also give you the price at the right hand side of chart.

As you see in this picture, you can add multiple boxes to the chart to mark multiple order blocks. (you can add up to 99 boxes to the chart)


MTS_Chart Scale

The chart scale indicator is assigned to all 7 charts. It simply compresses the whole chart a little, keeping the candles more to the middle and away from the extremities of the chart, making each chart a little easier to read.


MTS_No Trade Levels

This indicator is OPTIONAL. As a default it is NOT assigned to any chart, however I like to use it when I am trading because it keeps the smaller charts clean and easier to read. As shown in this picture:

When you have placed a trade, the ‘trade lines’ will appear in every chart. However if you assign the ‘MTS no trade levels’ to a chart it will remove them from that chart only…

As shown in this picture below, I have added the ‘MTS no trade levels’ indicator to every chart except the 1 Minute chart. The current trade levels show on the 1 minute chart but not the others:

The smaller charts now don’t show the trade levels, making them easier to read. As mentioned this indicator is simply included as an option, use it if you choose…


MTS_Price Alert Panel

This indicator allows you to add an ‘alert’ line to the external ranges or order blocks on the 1 minute chart. When triggered it sends an alert to your email, cell phone, or simply an on-screen popup with audio.


MTS_Symbol Changer

This indicator will only appear in the ‘MTS Seconds Builder’ master profile:

It is used to change the current instrument (symbol) of a chart. It allows you to quickly and easily make a new ‘precision scalper’ profile for any instrument listed by your broker.

The M5 & M15 External Ranges


Our scalp trades occur within the External Ranges of the M5 and M15 timeframe charts

The basic premise of this trading system is that we take scalp trades from within the ‘external ranges’ of the 5 minute and 15 minute charts. To do this we must first mark-up those external ranges on the 1 minute chart.

We then study these higher timeframe external ranges on the 1 minute chart, looking for possible trade entry points.

Here on the 5 minute chart you will see that there is a yellow ‘zig zag’ line added to highlight the M5 ‘external ranges’. I use 2 horizontal lines of the same colour to mark-up the current M5 chart external range.

Same for the 15 minute chart…

You can mark-up the external ranges on both the M5 and the M15 charts or just use the one, it’s up to you…

Now if we go back to the 1 minute chart you will see that both the M5 chart yellow lines and the M15 chart green lines that signify their respective external ranges are marked up on the 1 minute chart…

Now that we have the M5 and M15 external ranges highlighted on the M1 chart, we look for possible trade entry points  –  the ‘product specific’ stuff I won’t list here.


External & Internal Range Liquidity, Order Blocks, Market Imbalances, Mitigation, Trade Setups & Trade Entries


This section contains the majority of information on exactly how we seek, mark-up, wait for, and execute high reward:low risk trade entries on these ultra low timeframe charts. It’s why the User manual for the ‘Precision Scalper’ is 77 pages long, and also why the product contains download links for 26+ HOURS of Advanced ‘Smart Money’ video courses.

In fact, 42 pages of the user manual are dedicated to this section and the exact ‘rule based’ trade setups and entries. (So if you are looking for one of those silly ‘auto trading’ EA’s, or any other kind of ‘easy ride’ in your trading you are wasting your time here). There are 4 trade setups and 3 precise trade entries that are explained in complete detail within the product.

I believe that this product is AWESOME value for money, and that I supply a huge amount of valuable trading information on my website for free. But this section is kept intentionally sparse. Please purchase the product for full disclosure.


Only LIQUIDITY drives the markets – Smart Money is attracted to Liquidity Pools!


Pay no mind to all those ‘retail’ trading lessons stating that price moves because of a fight between the bulls and the bears, that’s simply not true.


‘Smart Money’ move the markets in the direction of the most liquidity, period.

If the Smart Money has taken ‘buy’ liquidity above a previous peak high, they ABSOLUTELY NEED the pool of ‘sell’ liquidity at the opposite end (peak low) of the current range in order TO TAKE THEIR PROFITS from the buy side liquidity they just activated (sold into). This is REALLY how price moves!


External and Internal Range Liquidity

Liquidity is essentially orders in the market that are waiting to be paired to complete a trade.

On every previous swing-point of a chart there is liquidity in the form of:

  • Stop losses – protective buy stops or sell stops at specific price levels
  • Pending buy or sell orders at specific price levels – EG: breakout trades


When studying every timeframe you should be asking yourself “Where is the next liquidity pool?”

Always be looking for the spot where liquidity has already been taken by Smart Money and where it SHOULD go to next for them to cash in!

Combining the Scalper + DX or Ultimate charts


When trading on my ‘Precision Scalper’, I always have my ‘Scalper + DX’ or ‘Ultimate’ charts on another screen


Why? Because they show me the Bigger Picture!

Because the Precision Scalper charts only show me the lower timeframes, I still need to be aware of what the higher timeframes are telling me. That ‘bigger picture’ helps to support my trade ideas on the Precision Scalper charts.

So if you already own my ‘Scalper + DX’ edition, or my ‘Ultimate’ edition MT4 templates you have half the story at your disposal already (of course you do require a couple of computer screens to trade this way)

Both the ‘Scalper + DX’ or ‘Ultimate’ charts display all the higher timeframes of the current instrument I am trading, and both versions also display my proprietary ‘scalper arrows’ indicator, making my higher timeframe trading decisions much easier (the ‘Scalper + DX’ charts also show both currency DX charts that make up the currency pair).

Here on the GBPUSD you can see the exact same point in time on both sets of charts.

The GBPUSD is currently in an overall downtrend. The GBPUSD pair on the ‘Scalper +DX’ charts is the top set of horizontal charts with the black background (for those unfamiliar with those charts). Notice that on those charts, all the current red candles have no arrows against them (the orange arrow alerts me of an impending price retracement/reversal). This tells me that price on the GBPUSD currently has no intention of turning around.

The GBPX (Pound Index) chart (in the middle with the blue background) is telling me exactly the same thing as the GBPUSD above it. Price is falling on the GBPX, with no reversal arrows showing on any of its higher timeframes.

Conversely, the USDX (US Dollar Index) chart at the bottom is rising strongly, with supporting up arrows and no reversal arrows against its up-move. So if I were in a short trade on the top ‘Precision Scalper’ charts I would stay in the trade with confidence this move will go further…


Here on the bottom ‘Ultimate’ charts you can see that the GBPUSD is in an overall downtrend (the Precision Scalper chart above it is at exactly the same point in time).

Price has moved down and breached the bottom of the current 5 minute chart external range (look at both the 5 minute chart on the Ultimate charts and the 1 minute chart on the Precision Scalper chart). I would normally not look for a trade setup at this point (because price is in a strong downtrend) but take a look at the ‘Scalper Arrow’ charts at the top of the Ultimate charts (with the black background).

The current red candles on all the lower timeframes of the ‘scalper arrow’ charts have orange ‘reversal’ arrows on them (warning me of an impending price reversal/retracement). This alerts me to that fact that a ‘counter trend’ trade might be available here, and because price has just breached the bottom of the M5 chart range (grabbing the liquidity there) this would be the perfect opportunity for ‘smart money’ to make some kind of retracement…

If I did not have my ‘Ultimate’ edition charts open on another screen and I was only watching my ‘Precision Scalper’ charts, I would not have been alerted that price was thinking about reversing here. But because I saw those reversal arrows on my ‘Ultimate’ charts, I was prepared and looking for a potential trade here.

This is why trading with BOTH sets of charts is so advantageous!


Here you can see that price did indeed make a nice retracement. Price came back up to take the internal liquidity above the (equal highs) swing-high on the M5 chart (Ultimate chart) before jumping back into its long term downtrend. If you look at the ‘Scalper Arrow’ charts in the ‘Ultimate’ edition you can see that those orange arrows (reversal warning arrows) turned into green/yellow ‘super’ arrows (the ‘strongest move’ arrows) on nearly all the timeframes, so this was a very nice ‘counter trend’ trade.

Please Note:

There are a couple of limitations with this product that I need to draw your attention to:

  1. OFFLINE CHARTS – the ‘second’ charts contained in the MT4 trading system are ‘offline charts’, this means that price will only start to draw candles on the chart when you open the MT4 profile (price movement is NOT archived on these charts when they are not open). This is because Metatrader 4 (like most other trading platforms) does not archive the price data contained under the 1 minute chart. Note that MT4 will draw these ‘second’ charts perfectly when your MT4 platform is running, but you should open your MT4 trading platform about 15 minutes before you intend to start trading, in order for the ‘second’ charts to start printing enough price information in order to be readable.
  2. Because I take most of my trade entries off the 5 or 15 second charts (with an average 1 – 2 pip stop loss), I prefer to trade ‘Major’ currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY with a very small ‘spread’ (under 1 pip). The spread that is available on the currency pairs that you trade will be determined by your broker and your type of account… I use a broker with very reasonable spreads, so the spread on the major Forex currency pairs are minimal, ie: EURUSD 0.1 pip spread, GBPUSD 0.3 pip spread.

Precision Scalper trading system


Not familiar with “Smart Money” concepts? Want to learn?

All of my products come with 25+ hours of Smart Money video courses (in full HD) by some of my mentors, a VERY valuable education!

$129 – Purchase the Precision Scalper trading system via Paypal

Instant download after payment