In This Training You Will Learn

Why our strategy is incredibly effective in full-time work or busy lifestyles

Trading is time-consuming, working a full-time or even part-time job can make the best of us exhausted. 

This is why we created our strategy.

We didn’t just become consistent overnight…
We were working full-time jobs, which required us to be away for 6+ hours a day,
By the time we came home and checked the charts we struggled to find our flow in the markets and felt we had missed the highest probability moves. 

However, through a simplified, forecasted and rule-based methods we obtained consistency. 

And so will you! 

How many trades do you take per week? 

5? 10? 20?….
What if I told you 1 trade per week was enough to take home profits?

The power of only 1 trade a week using this strategy

As we progress as traders we have been taking fewer positions each week, to the point where most weeks we may only take 1 or 2 trades.

Since fully understanding how the markets work, we have been able to minimise our time looking for setups while maximising rewards.

Utilising this approach has taught us a lot about wasteful entries, lousy timing, and holding positions over the week. 

We want to share this with you and show you how taking too many trades can hinder your trading experience. 

You will see why this is so powerful.