Smart Money Indicators

Smart Money Concepts & Indicators

“Smart Money” are the group of winning traders that include market makers, central banks and large institutions. They rely on “dumb money” (retail traders) for their steady stream of daily profits.

Stick around, because I’m going to share with you what’s really going on behind the charts, how the smart money manipulate the markets and how to take advantage of it…

I’ve blended “Smart Money” concepts –

ICT / Wyckoff / BTMM

I’ve taken the best parts of the 3 Smart Money concepts listed above and combined them into my “Smart Money” MT4 templates.

I’ve also combined these Smart Money Concepts with my own custom designed code to create Smart Money Indicators, resulting in a totally unique Scalping system that no one has ever seen before. After years of fine tuning my MT4 templates I am now making them available to others.

Scalper + DX edition

          • 30 Metatrader4 Profiles
          • 8 Custom Indicators
          • 712 Individual charts

The Scalper + DX edition combines multiple timeframes, currency index charts and my ‘scalper’ indicator

Precision Scalper edition

          • 28 Metatrader4 Profiles
          • 5 Custom Indicators
          • 196 Individual charts

The Precision Scalper edition allows you to take trade entries off the 1, 5 ,15 and 30 Second Charts

Daytrader edition

          • 51 Metatrader4 Profiles
          • 21 Custom Indicators
          • 408 Individual charts

The Daytrader edition combines multiple timeframes with 2 axis of volume (Price and Time) and is perfect for the smart money ‘purist’ trader

Ultimate edition

          • 92 Metatrader4 Profiles
          • 26 Custom Indicators
          • 1693 Individual charts

The Ultimate edition bundles the Daytrader system and the Scalper + DX system together as one huge package, plus bonus DX charts

Not familiar with “Smart Money” concepts?
Want to learn? Each of my products come with a FREE 26 hour Smart Money Video course (in full 1080 HD) by one of my mentors, a VERY valuable education that gives you the edge over smart money.

The Forex market is not designed for you to make money

The simple truth is that the Forex market is a playground for the banks, and all retail traders are sheep for the slaughter.

The Market Makers (Smart Money) are only in this business for 2 reasons:

To TRAP all traders with a REVERSAL move (commonly after initiating a strong move in one direction to manipulate traders to ‘jump on’ with that strong move)
To SHAKE OFF all traders when their trades are going to be CORRECT (by returning to the trade entry point, so no traders can ride their coattails)

Do those moves sound familiar to you? Yup. Smart money’s plan is to take your money for themselves and never let you make a profit, because….

Smart Money knows how retail traders think

Smart money make it their business to know exactly how retail traders think. All retail Forex traders use the same types of technical analysis, indicators, moving averages and chart patterns to trade price movement and smart money knows this.

Smart Money are experts at manipulation and trickery!

Every day smart money easily traps traders entering in the wrong direction at poor trade entry locations and then moves against their positions, stopping them out repeatedly. Amateur traders often believe that it’s all about technical analysis, and whilst that is an important part of trading, the professional trader understands the bigger picture and is constantly looking for what the smart money is doing…

Tracking the Smart Money

Smart money control roughly 70 percent of the Forex market. But due to the huge size of their orders, smart money traders are not able to completely hide their actions… My MT4 templates have been constructed over hundreds of hours of research and fine tuning, and contain multiple custom coded tools that alert me to their intentions.

My Smart Money MT4 templates contain 3 major advantages that retail traders simply don’t utilise properly (or at all):

• Multiple timeframes (on one screen)
• Currency Index charts (+ my proprietary Scalper indicator)
• Volume matrix (Volume Profile on the Price axis, VSA on the Time axis)

My Smart Money MT4 templates offer you a no BS, profitable solution to your trading needs.

Trader X